branded content & entertainment :  the sense of ‘gift giving’

Branded content & entertainment is perceived by the consumer-viewer as a reward from which to benefit (even as entertainment), and not as an interruption of an activity. This is where the sense of ‘gift giving’ emerges: thanks to a clear and unambiguous identification of the sender (I know exactly who is talking), the content acquires a meaning (I know who is giving me a gift and why). A meeting point is created between the brand and consumer, with both parties benefiting.

In detail, branded content & entertainment impacts on the brand in 2 ways: Relationship and Brand Lift.

Relationship: a content that has a value in itself, that is difficult to ignore because it gives a sense of the experience in itself: requires involvement, more attention, as opposed to traditional forms of communication (eg.: commercials) in the Interruption/repeat model.

Brand lift: a strategy that can strengthen the brand awareness and recall, improve the attitude towards the brand especially when its values link with the symbolic and evocative dimension of the narrative.

branded content & entertainment can also change the behavior of the consumer who is enticed to inquire about the brand, to test the product (intent/likelihood to purchase) and to suggest the purchase (favorability/ Likelihood to recommend).

If you want to adopt a BC & E strategy you need to follow some simple rules to avoid a “failure” (epic fail).

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