Fast fashion as the business model that has a major negative impact on environment on society and environment. It may be hard to see why this business is generating much harm to our planet, so here are just some examples of it.
– The increase of carbon footprint generated by the widespread use of synthetic fiber and polyester and also the hundreds of years it can take to degrade.
– Water consumption and Pollution
– The rate in which we are consuming and discarding clothes is contributing to mass waste.
– Unfair labor practices
– Health danger, our clothes are usually made from synthetic material created with toxic chemicals.

In the picture, you can see a sideboard of a well known fast fashion company. At thThe fashion industry is based on an business model that generates a massive detrimental impact on our planet, and even more damage is made by the fast fashion industry. The linear fashion model of buying, wearing and quickly discarding clothes negative affects people and planet resources.
e same time you can see a homeless man asking for money to eat. And if you see carefully the image, you may be able to observe in the mirror reflection the Duomo of Milano, that is established on the city of Milan which is recognized internationally as one of the worlds most important fashion capitals.

The sideboard and the clothes in it represent clearly the fast fashion industry, the homeless man asking for money is the damage that the industry is making and the Duomo of Milano as the planet where everything is taking place.

Author: Mariana Guajardo

I'm Mexican and I'm 20 years old. I'm a Law student and I have always been interested with problems that surrounded my society. My purpose is to raise awareness of the severe environmental problems that we are facing nowadays, also to promote a lifestyle of simplicity and caring for the environment by avoiding consumerism and buying intelligent.