7 ways to view the new Gillette ad #toxicmasculinity

A campaign to revitalize an ancient payoff
Bad PR is Still Good PR

Trying to define manhood
What if the true target was the female one?
Riding social causes is the new black.
Don’t sweep the dirt under the carpet
Does this ‘cause related’ campaign will turn into a suicide in the market?

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7 persuasive strategies Branded Entertainment uses to make people buy

long term consumers audience clear goals transparency storytelling measurement expertise

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Purposeful Communication: Opportunity or threat?

One of the most important key components of a brand’s success is communication. Most of the times, even though sustainable and ethical practices are in place in a company, they fail to communicate their responsibility. And while it’s great that companies don’t act in a “good way” just for publicity, it’s also important to involve the community around them and let them know of everything they are putting into practice. Building a strong communication channel not only gives brands the chance to put out there their sustainable actions, but also gives them the opportunity to create a stronger bond with community, which feels taken into account when its informed about “internal” brand policies and practices. Is there a connection between the rise of interest towards branded content and the creation of more & more purpose driven campaigns?
What’s the line between the brand and its purpose?
Glass box brands should bring solutions to issues they bring to light

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