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7 Persuasive Strategies Branded Entertainment Uses to Make People Buy

To be more effective, brands are using different forms of persuasive communication, including the so-called “branded content and entertainment strategy,” which bypasses the different reactions a consumer may have when confronted with the request to interact with a brand’s content. Here are some principles from some of the most talked about examples of this new form of communication:

1 . It’s a long term strategy

Branded entertainment is a strategy for building brand identity, so it is usually pursued in the medium to long term.

2. One clear goal: sell

The strategy is always in line with the needs of the company.

3. It turns audiences into consumers

Branded entertainment is a marketing tool for building the relationship between consumer and brand. Its active function is to strengthen or change consumer behavior.

4. Transparency?

The goal is to get consumers to willingly accept the presence of the brand in new spaces (TV programs, newspaper article, etc.), even if the role the brand plays in the content is not that clear (producer, creator, or sponsor?).

5. Storytelling

The brand defines the traits of its identity that will set the kind of relationship with the “hero” (in this case, the consumer) within the narrative. For this to work, the brand acquires a narrative function. Whether the content is to inform or entertain, the brand “helper” tries to interest and empower the “hero” viewer/consumer.

6. Measurement

As it’s a campaign, the brand analyzes the effectiveness of branded entertainment by standard key performance indicators, such as brand trust, familiarity, consideration, and loyalty.

7. Expertise

Branded entertainment can be done internally (by in-house content units) and/or be driven by professionals (agencies or free-lancers, for example) who can create a content-driven strategy.

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Author: elena grinta

I have been dealing with communication for 20 years, I have worked in marketing for large international and Italian companies and I know the mechanisms of advertising persuasion. I decided to invest my know-how and my skills to use the available resources of companies (budgets but also human capital) in positive transformation. Because to students from all over the world I teach at Purpose Brands in Catholic University I wish to give more and more examples of virtuous companies that have invested for the future, of everyone (and there are already many!). Because if we watch, without acting, without taking responsibility, we have no excuse.