For Good Campaigns #11

Break The Pattern – Electrolux

Forsman & Bodenfors initiated the Break The Pattern campaign together with Electrolux. They are using technology and up-cycling designers to create a new life for garments, by turning them into new creations. In this video, they depict heartbreaking views of the Atacama Desert in Chile where more than 59,000 tons of garment waste from Europe, the United States, and Asia end up, making it the second largest clothing graveyard in the world.

Except For Me – World Rises

In the Except For Me campaign, EP+Co and Worth Rises are working together to minimalize the information gap concerning the 13th Amendment, which legalizes the enslavement of incarcerated people. Between the days of 1 to 17 September 2022, they will share a different narrative.

In addition to this, photographs of Johnny Perez were published in New York and Philadelphia. Perez shares the perspective of an incarcerated person, based on his own experiences. On the final day of the campaign, Mural Arts Philadelphia, Anti-Coalition Against Recidivism, and LatinoJustice are organizing an event. This will include a public art installation designed to showcase the stories, faces, and voices of those who were formerly legally enslaved in the United States.

Queens – Golden Days Festival

This year, Queen Margrethe of Denmark celebrates 50 years on the throne. Therefore, Accenture Song, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Meta, Golden Days and design studio BIG are collaborating on the Golden Days Festival. An exhibition that highlights the history of the queen, as well as the female history of Denmark. The art is placed in the urban spaces of Copenhagen, and every story can be listened to and experienced via Instagram.

#BiskuatSupportsDreams – Mondelez

In collaboration with Leo Burnett Indonesia, the #BiskuatSupportsDreams campaign tells the story of Bang Aji, a Persigawa football club founder, who coaches underprivileged children without asking for anything in return. In addition to this, the campaign announces the return of the Mondelez Biskuat Academy, a sports marketing program that was launched in 2009 to provide training and mentoring for children.

Welcome to The Plant Age – Birds Eye

Together with the McCann Agency, Birds Eye created the Welcome to The Planet Age campaign to motivate viewers to choose vegan food. Communicating the message that it can be enjoyed in the same way as finger-licking chicken nuggets, but this time using vegan nuggets, of course.

Birds Eye

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