Diversity for Sustainability

This image is a statement on diversity and the need for interracial and ethnical support, communication, collaboration and care. It’s a comment on the relationship between third world countries and first world countries. First world countries are represented by the paler hand that is slightly higher than the darker hand. The darker hand represents third world and developing countries. The rest of the bodies are not seen, only the hands so that the hands can properly represent a generalization of first world and third world countries and privileged majorities and underrepresented minorities. The picture speaks on where the world is with this important sustainability issue and yet how much further the world needs to go. The picture emphasizes the importance of diversity and its need for improvement worldwide. It calls first world countries to take action and raise up the third world countries and minorities in order to better the entirety of the world.

The lighter hand is slightly higher than the darker hand in order to represent the advantages first world countries and majorities have over third world, struggling countries and minorities. First world countries and privileged majorities have the economic infrastructure and resources to aid third world countries and minorities and help raise them up economically, politically and overall. The two hands are holding each other in order to represent the cooperation, communication and relationship needed between these opposing groups.

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Author: ksuare3

I am a third year student at Louisiana State University in the USA. I am majoring in mass communication with a concentration in digital advertising along with minors in visual communication and business administration. I am currently studying abroad in Milan where I am pursuing a marketing internship. I love travel, culture and adventure. My purpose would be to live more sustainably and support women and minorities through bettering the marketing and advertising industry.