Special Edition Cannes Lions 2022 – The Winners

After 2 years, Cannes Lions 2022 is live again with new and inspiring campaigns that deserve to be recognized. In this article, we will cover the award-winning campaigns in the Glass and SDGs category. 

Data Tienda– We Capital

This year, We Capital created DataTienda, a financial information center that checks the credit records of millions of Mexican women. It is now possible for several different banks to verify the credit status of these women, providing them with the chance to obtain microcredits for their businesses without any issues. It has to be checked by a minimum of five trustworthy places to avoid any form of injustice.


1. Poverty

Prevention Of Early Marriages – IPDC Finance & Amal Foundation

In Bangladesh, 51% percent of women are married before the age of 18. The Child Marriage Prevention Loan (PMI) is created to combat this issue and provides an interest-free, conditional microfinance loan that supports low-income parents. All parents of a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are allowed to apply and the only requirement is that their daughter must be in school and not yet married. The Amal Foundation offers guidance to parents; it provides weekly installments on behalf of IPDC to realize the possibility of creating a brighter future for their daughters.

2. Hunger

Goodie Box – Everybody Eats 

An initiative by Everybody Eats together with DDB Aotearoa (Auckland) addresses the inequality between those who have too much food and those who have too little. The Goodie Box is a “doggie bag” of leftover food. Each box that is purchased, donates $5 dollars to charity. At the same time, it makes the consumer aware of the larger issue at hand: the enormous amount of food that is wasted on a daily basis.

3. Health and Well-Being

In Search of Dyslexia – Samsung 

Dyslexia is a condition that is difficult to detect and does not come with any possibility to direct treatment. For that reason, Samsung is launching Dytective, a free and accessible app that uses AI and learning algorithms to discover the probability that a child will be diagnosed with dyslexia in the future. It uses language games to enable an early diagnosis and calculate the general cognitive ability.

The Missing Chapter – P&G Whisper

As part of the #KeepGirlsInSchool movement, Leo Burnett created a film for Whisper. It shows the lack of education surrounding menstruation and its influence on girls’ absences at school, which is still a major problem in India.

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4. Gender Equality

The Emancipation Loan – Mibanco 

In the financial system in Peru, it is obligated for women to include their husband’s signatures within the document when applying for a loan. However, this creates a one-sided economic dependence for women. Therefore, Mibanco offers women the possibility of applying for loans without the needing a man’s signature. 

Cycle – Freda 

Freda and McCann Madrid have teamed up to launch their new gender-neutral menstrual care line. This new release is plastic-free, pollutant-free, and most importantly, free of stereotypes. It includes the experience of trans people in order to communicate inclusion and stimulate a conversation.

Morning After Island – GEPAE Strategy Group 

To combat the general ban on the morning-after pill in Honduras, Ogilvy Honduras and the Strategic Group for Emergency Contraceptive Pills (GEPAE) are joining forces in this campaign to collect signatures from people all around the world to create a successful legislative proposal.

5. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Renault Plug-Inn 

Together with Publicis Conseil Paris, Renault is creating Plug-Inn. This platform shares the 470,000 different electric charging points, that people use to charge their vehicles at home. This communicates the continuous development of electric mobility in France and Europe.

6. Responsible Consumption and Production

Piñatex – Dole Sunshine 

In a collaboration, Dole Sunshine Company and Ananas Anam are using pineapple leaves to create a new vegan, natural, and sustainable material, named Piñatex. Currently, Nike is including this material within its clothing line.

#TurnToCold – Marea E P&G

With their new commercial, Tide is promoting the use of cold water within washing machines as it saves 90 percent of energy per wash. They are communicating this message through two celebrities.

Smart Fill – Unilever

Unilever created Smart Fill, as part of their repurposing model. This initiative provides a soap dispenser in their shops where customers can use their own packaging (even from other brands) and fill it with the product they need.

7. Life Underwater

Plastic Fishing Tournament – ​​Corona 

The famous beer brand Corona is launching a Plastic Fishing Tournament in several countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Israel, among others. The tournament rewarded local fishermen with cash prizes in exchange for recovering as much plastic as possible from the ocean. The campaign was initiated in collaboration with AB INBEV and We Believers USA. 

8. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

One Home To Save Many – Suncorp Group 

Together with Leo Burnett Sydney, the Suncorp Group started a project to build homes that are resilient to fires, storms, cyclones, and floods in several communities in Australia. 


9. Reducing Inequalities

Data Tienda– Our Capital

See above.

#WeThe15 – International Paralympic Committee

The campaign by the International Paralympic Committee and Adam&EveDDB aims to end discrimination against people with disabilities and initiate change together with governments and organizations around the world.

See My Skin – Vaseline 

Vaseline designed a database that provides information on all skin conditions in partnership with HUED, a company focused on health care for the BIPOC community, and seeks to fill gaps in public care by offering this specific care.

Cash Everywhere – Blink y Ogilvy Bolivia ​

In Bolivia, there is a lack of access to ATM machines, since there are only very few placed in the city. For this reason, Blink created the first mobile ATM, connecting participating machines that are relatively close to the users’ location and is able to provide the required amount of money, for a small fee. 

9. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 

The Lost Class – Change The Ref Inc. 

Leo Burnett USA for Gun Victims hires David Keene, former president and current NR board member, to address the 3,000 empty seats representing students who failed to graduate in 2021 as a result of school shootings. 

The Truth Wins – RSF

That there exists a vast majority of media censorship today is no secret, resulting in the continuous loss of independent sources of information. That’s why Reporters Without Borders has created a “truth access code” using lottery numbers to access independent journalism. People only have to type in their lottery numbers from Brazil, Turkey or Russia into the Twitter search bar. Click here for more information. 

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