Diversity for Sustainability

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put it in the trash

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different ways to view #toxicmasculinity

A campaign to revitalize an ancient payoff
Bad PR is Still Good PR

Trying to define manhood
What if the true target was the female one?
Riding social causes is the new black.
Don’t sweep the dirt under the carpet
Does this ‘cause related’ campaign will turn into a suicide in the market?

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yvon Chouinard

8 out 10 of Consumers Expect That CEOs Share Their Own Vision

8 out 10 of consumers expect that CEOs share their own vision
CEOs have become new heros
CEOs are no longer perceived as chiefs but as leaders.
The essential role of the CEOs in assessing the sustainability of the company business is undeniable and is fundamental to its success
Patagonia is an great example of purpose brand

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Introducing the Sustainable Development Goals Award

Since 2017, corporate organizations took the lead (VS. Non-Profit) in creating purposeful campaigns, both in terms of the absolute numbers and relative percentages. Since purposed brands are now becoming a more popular and rewarded part of society, this obliges others to “follow or die”. Staying in the dark with matters as important as sustainability or not knowing how to communicate their efforts are some of the reasons why consumers are now ‘shaming’ brands. In such a competitive market like the one we have today, in order to keep growing, brands must step-up and become more sustainable, turning social impact not as their path but as their goal.

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