The Technological Push.

We need technology. This is what Big Tech Companies have been telling us continuously for years: we need it. Of course, the image of the FAAMG  (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google) has recently suffered some blows, but who could have imagined that the “techlash” would be solved by a virus

While Big Tech’s misdeeds are still apparent, their actual deeds now matter more to us. We’re using Facebook to comfort ourselves while physically bunkered and social distancing. Google is being conscripted as the potential hub of one of our greatest needs—Covid-19 testing. Our personal supply chain—literally the only way many of us are getting food and vital supplies—is Amazon Who knew the techlash was susceptible to a virus?


In times like this, under the siege of COVID-19, everything we do is exclusively online. We need digital tools to shop, work, exercise, learn, and stay in touch with friends and family. Online technologies have always been telling us that they will save us, and now, in this difficult time, their prophecy comes true.

The great question facing our world right now is this: Is the image of technological rescuers, delivered through their own advertising campaigns, as “good” as they claim to be?

Technology has always helped to take care of our loved ones

It takes care through child learning, mindfulness, and relationships as this Mashable native advertising film. for Amazon, where psychotherapist Elizabeth Winkler  explains that technology is a “way to nurture relationships.” Elsewhere, the protagonist of this commercial assists in care for the elderly with the help of Alexa. 

In times of COVID, charitable messages have been shared across all product categories, and BigG does not to miss the opportunity .

Thank you, Google for acknowledging those who serve, volunteer, and donate!

Technology always improves our performance

It saves time, catalyzes creativity, and optimizes the efforts of individual members of a team. Performance is enhanced by using different devices in unison (from Apple in this case) and our dreams come true with the ease of portable devices (Samsung this time)

In the midst of this pandemic, when even working changes one’s ritual, it is necessary to manage stress and anxiety, maintain a constant sleep schedule, and give priority to “self-care” at a deeper level. Netflix has launched a weekly series on Instagram to focus on mental health and self-care while under ‘house arrest’. Luckily there is Netflix, someone to turn to in these difficult times!

Technology has always connected and united us.

It helps people understand each other at different levels: friendship, religion, love … as shown by Google Translate in the 2019 Super Bowl commercial. Even during social distancing, thanks to Facebook we have the opportunity to be interconnected and not to remain isolated from loved ones “

We made a short film "Never Lost" to honor the solidarity and resilience of so many people coming together during this time. Thank you to everyone doing your part. If you need help or can offer it, please visit

Pubblicato da Mark Zuckerberg su Martedì 31 marzo 2020

Fortunately, there is Facebook, which allows us to be “close even if far”!

Technology has always made us have fun.

Thanks to Microsoft disabled children can play video games with their peers. If, on the other hand, it is our ‘normalcy’ that bores us, Netflix can make us feel immersed in another world, much more exciting and frenetic. With the spread of the epidemic, the traffic of video game sites has had a surge: Twitch, the leading site for streaming games, has recorded a 20% increase. After all, when Twitch launched their first ad campaign last fall, it was stated “You’re already one of us”. I now don’t know whether to read as a prophecy or a threat.

Everyone Needs Rest in the Middle of a Storm

The dilemma is not whether or not these companies should innovate and be part of Human Progress. The point is that they lied in their empathetic, exciting, moving commercials. They show us their support in this period when national health services are collapsing, but for example they are not paying taxes in our country, depriving us of the resources to feed Public Health.

Advertisers should honestly represent their efforts, giving greater emphasis to the results achieved, rather than the bombastic and unattainable goals they give themselves.

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