Vimeo, Oil Change, Heinz and Other News That Do Good

Media accused of ‘alarmism’ in the face of climate change?

August 2022 saw severe heat waves and heavy rainfall all around the world, events reported by various media that were accused of ‘spreading alarmism’ in society. One of those platforms involved was the UK’s Daily Mail, with its editorial “Why can’t the Met Office just tell us the weather instead of spreading alarm and berating us with doom-laden speeches?”, or like Il Mattino in Italy, publishing several interviews with climate traders claiming that the record heat ‘is nothing new because it is influenced by the cycles of the sun’. Despite evidence to the contrary, denial, doubt and above all fear pervade humanity. Click here for more information. 

Montreal Heat Wave | Some friends cooling off at Place des A… | Nicolas  Longchamps | Flickr

Vimeo accused of copyright violation by Mediaset 

The famous video platform Vimeo published more than 2,000 copyrighted videos corresponding to Mediaset TV programmes. Therefore, the court of appeal in Rome requires them to compensate Mediaset with EUR 8.5 million for the act committed. Will this be enough to guarantee that Vimeo will not perform the same or a similar act again?

Change International and Greenpeace USA accuse Cheniere Energy of fraud

Cheniere Energy, being the largest exporter in the US, provided emission data with ‘carbon labels’ for its gas in order to increase export volumes by offering ‘transparency’ to foreign buyers. However, according to the report by Oil Change International and Greenpeace USA, the programme is flawed and aims to present LNG as a ‘clean fuel’ rather than to clean up the supply chain. According to Clark Williams, energy financial analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, it is a marketing exercise and a way to position yourself better than your competitors. Click here to read more about this news.

Cheniere Energy Sabine Pass LNG | LNG storage tanks under co… | Flickr

Busch Light against Forest Fires 

Due to the increasing number of fires in Colorado, the Busch Light beer brand provided free solar cookers to firefighters to encourage cooking without the need for flames. In addition, the brand pledged a donation of one cent per box to the organisation One Tree Planted, until 15 September 2022. This is another environmental initiative Busch Light is pursuing in Colorado, where they have already donated $1 million to outdoor-related causes to date. 

Heinz, ThredUp, and a new secondhand clothing collection 

The ketchup brand Heinz is collaborating with ThredUp, an online resale platform, by launching a line of second-hand clothing, but this time with ketchup stains. The collection is called Heinz Vintage Drip and includes 157 designer and streetwear pieces. All proceeds will be donated to Rise Against Hunger supporting not only sustainability but also the alleviation of world hunger.

UN Ocean Protection Conference unsuccessful

On 26 August 2022, the ocean conference was held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where agreement on a Global Ocean Treaty to protect international waters was expected to be concluded. However, major economic interests were at stake in reaching the final agreement, leaving negotiations on hold and waiting for a new emergency session to approve the agreement. Click here for more information.

File:United Nations Headquarters.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

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