Wandering in the city

Those pictures were taken in the middle of a walk in the city. These clearly show that from footwear to cosmetics to the most natural attraction humans have, food, the excess, hubris if you want to push it, is what characterizes the consumerist society. On the one hand, it shows the lack of responsibility in individual consumption as in the run for the new trend as well as it is considered as a sign of wealth and even development. On the other hand, those pictures raise a real sustainability issue in terms of production : for most of the products depicted, we know that terrible work conditions – going to child slavery in some cases, are methods put to use to get to the mass production and fit the consumerist society.


The material excesses to which we are pushed in our society is what I chose to show is this contest with the help of my boyfriend who is as concerned as I am in those matters. In the picture, one can clearly distinguish different means of consumption that appeal to all genders and ages. What we wanted to emphasize here is the superficiality and hubris in the ranges and products on the shelves. As a couple, we try to be responsible consumption-wise, which is the reason why the pictures were taken very spontaneously.

Author: Sarah Le Corff

I am 22 years old and I am finishing my master’s degree in Management in June. I was born and raised in Paris, France, yet I have lived in Amsterdam and in Milan in the years 2018 and 2019. I think it is time for my generation and the generation before us to realize the struggles of our century. My biggest concern is the fight for gender equality, and most importantly nowadays the rights of women to dispose of their own bodies, which is far from being acquired. Mass consumption is another concern of mine, I think the problems linked to mass consumption and body image are tightly linked and it is something everyone could realize if they stopped for a second in front of a retail shop shelf.